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Graduate Level Service; Turning Lemons into Lemonade

I was sitting there, holding the phone away from my ear to soften the shouting of the customer on the other end. Without having ever met me, this person just about hates me. This is probably the worst-case scenario when you are contacted by a customer/client. If you’ve worked in customer service or had to manage a customer service team, then you know this is a profession riddled with challenging situations on a daily basis. What often goes unrecognized though, is the opportun

The customer is always right. Right?

EVERYONE has heard the saying, "the customer is always right." But what does it really mean? Have you ever encountered the cutomer that wasn't right? Of course, we all have. How do you handle the customer who certainly isn't right? Treating your customer with respect, even when they don't return the favor is putting that saying into practice. While a customer may not be right, a good customer service approach is to show respect toward their opinion and hear them out. If there


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