• Vineet Agarwal

Beware of that Lion

Recently I had seen this image of a Lion over a whatsapp group, with a caption "I work for Money, If you want Loyalty, Hire a Dog", enticing my thinking hat to tingle my hairs, sure enough, to ensure this article blossoms out.

At the outset, it’s pertinently important that the right professionals (Lions) are required to achieve crucial/non-crucial tasks with desired results. They could be hired on a permanent basis or time-bound contracts. When engagement is contractual, it's circumstantial and transactional. Experts are shortlisted, formally contracted, they deliver and get remunerated. Based on service satisfaction and future requirements, a possibility gets created for further engagements. An undeniable respectful endeavor !!

However, when it's about long term or permanent engagement (albeit permanency is a joke in today's VUCA world), my personal opinion shouts out loud that 'Dog' has been provoked in a derogatory connotation associated with 'Loyalty', in comparison to 'Lion'. Even business history is replete with glorified examples where in mighty men/women had been lifelong pillars to the ever-growing enterprises, driven by their entrepreneur bosses. I would like to refrain from citing those examples here (can be easily googled) and emphasize more on the underlying mindset. With unexpected rapid technological advancement, AI intervention and linked socio-demographic changes, tool-sets, and skill-sets are evolving as never before. So much so that every rising sun throws an opportunity for the professionals to upgrade themselves before getting obsolete. Which means, tool-set and skill-set can always be circumstantially acquired and procured. What goes a long way is then mindset with related attitude.

We proclaim it’s a VUCA world, predominantly our of our lust for high efficiencies everywhere. Please be reminded of our early physics education where in efficiency was defined as output vs input. This applies to tools, machines and processes. With human beings, we can rather be 'Effective', as with them (as per a famous quote), 'Fast is Slow and Slow is Fast'. And if "Slow is Fast' with human beings, it calls upon building mutual trust, relationship, respecting different values/cultures, understanding limitations, team cohesion, training & development, so on so forth. This essentially requires different patience levels with different people, necessitating more time, hence "loyalty' !!

We all would have read morning whatsapp motivational quotes, one of these goes as "If you want to go Fast, go Alone. If you want to go FAR, go Together". Long term sustainable and 'Effective' organizations can be built out of "Together" mode of journey, where more 'Dogs' are required than 'Lions' !!

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