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Corporate Stigma of Rat Race


Even if you win the race, you will still be a rat!!

I am sure every one of us has heard this “Perennial dictum” in the realms of corporate corridors. Have we ever wondered with a bit of detachment, why so much of fuss around on this over-hyped term of “Corporate Rat Race”? We contemptuously remark or cut jokes on it during weekend booze only to inadvertently and unfailingly find ourselves in so-called “Monday Blues”

Dear fellow office goers, I would like to humbly offer you an insightful peek through this unintentional built up corporate hypnosis over unknown ages, to which we invariably fall trap of. This hypnosis runs deep down the contours of our subconscious mind, governing our daily actions resulting in“unfavorable but designed” outcomes.

What an unfortunately baseless ground on which this race is conducted as if the whole life has gone futile!! The sole wisdom which needs to be deliberately self-prevailed for the circumvention of this hypnosis is that “Life is just about continual dispassionate actions”. As soon as these last words are comprehended, I would like to call the attention back of few sensitive readers who have unwillingly drifted away in some notional spirituality (w.r.t. Theory of Karma – Geeta, which I personally believe has been the most pragmatic & profound epic ever scripted in the history of mankind !!).


The deeper perspective here needs to be drawn out of the observation of the many people around us, who retire only to find themselves idling around leading to health deterioration and other social complexities. It’s an unproductive pursuit of targeting “Someday” to commence a socially desired “Retired Life”. This human-machine is designed only for productive actions, be it self-driven or selfless. 

So if the above premise gets intact, then this should be imperatively clear that “We've got to Work Somewhere” when it comes to Self-driven professional actions, as we got to earn a living and build careers. I believe by this time the readers of this category of the article would have comfortably settled with the acceptance of not having the passion to build the life around some fancy “heroic pursuits”(needless to exemplify this). And many of us would have inescapably burnt out their might to milk the “Startup Cow”. With all due regards, it certainly demands a heart to foray into such endeavor and takes more courage to swiftly accept the dream shattering non-success and settle back. 

Even after all of the above, with the advancement of time and maturity, quite often we discover new professional passions worth taking a shot at (post all due diligence). However, with dynamically evolving times of intrusive AI, it necessitates a judicious approach as employability beyond the midlife is soon becoming a rarity. So sooner the better, either we successfully drive our own passion or get aligned with somebody else’s. Long term deeper satisfaction of meaningful existence can only result out of the creativity contribution we have caused at a large scale and playing that game with our full potential, then be it our own enterprise or working as an employee in some corporation (public or private).

Without internalizing above and shunning off that sickening “rat race” attitude, we cannot have that “Service-oriented mindset” towards our job (read here for my related previous article) to create that “Long Dreamt Environment”, which we had been imprudently and foolishly wanting to "First Exist for us to Perform Later"!!

Vineet Agarwal



New Delhi, India

Image Source: https://pixabay.com/illustrations/rat-race-businessman-repetitive-2395779/

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